typezer0 (typezer0) wrote,

Book Meme

Game rules: grab the book closest to you right now. Open to pg. 56. Choose the 5th sentence. Publish as your status/post/tweet/what the hell ever and write these rules as a comment. Don't choose the book you like best or think is the coolest, but the one that is closest.
Next part: Run with that sentence. Write what you would want as the next sentence. If you see this around, jump in and write another sentence.

Kay, I'll do this with three different books.

Dumpsters in starlight, hulking and oudorous, bracketed back entrances to resterants and shops. He waited in the shadows, studing the darkness; listening intently to the night.

"Well, what?" I said, smecking.
"Well your face!" He replied laughing.

We went back to the testing lab and tested our patients on this task. They were very unresponsive to the commands, but we suspected several may have been dead.

Hey that was fun.

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