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Unrequited Ch 1

Unrequited Chapter 1

Game: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairings: Seifer/Squall, Hinted Selphie/Irvine
Summary: Squall is hopelessly infatuated with Seifer but is clueless about what to do about it. An incident soon changes things between the two.
Warnings: Yaoi, Language, some violence.


"Yeah, yeah I got it." Seifer sighed heavily, rising out of his chair and stepping back. It was the second time this week that the blond had been sent to the Squalls office for fighting and Squall was beginning to question how serious the ex-knight was over remaining in Garden.

"So, can I go now or..." The blond smirked, unable to keep himself from attempting to get a rise out the brunet. "Are you going to punish me?"

Pinching the bridge of his nose, the innuendo was not lost on the commander. Seifer had only been back a short while, but as soon as he had passed his SeeD exams, he'd gone straight back to antagonizing his past rival.

"Seifer, just go." Squall was not in the mood to deal with the teasing blond, his frustration over the man threatening to spill over in more ways then one. With a glare the older man left the office.

Dropping his head into his hands, Squall groaned in frustration. Seifer had returned to garden shortly after his acquittance of his war crimes and had even managed to pass the SeeD exams, despite his past records. Although Squall no longer harbored any ill-will over the ex-knight, he had been hard pressed to allow the blond back in. He'd wanted to give the man a second chance at everything, but him being back in Garden brought back a multitude of previously repressed feelings. Feelings he no longer knew how to deal with.

It hadn't been so bad before, when he was still a hopeless teenager with raging hormones confused with just about everything, but now...

Just being in the same room with the arrogant ex-knight had given him a painful hard on and he was beginning to tire of cold showers and remembrances of Adel to calm himself down. He had even briefly considered using Rinoa to help, her still being his girlfriend but he couldn't find it in him to use her like that. He shouldn't even be dating her anymore, she had long ceased been anything but a sister to him.

He sighed, dropping his hand into his lap and toying with the belt on his SeeD uniform. He hadn't touched himself since before the war, finding the mixed emotions revolving the blond overlapping any desire. Besides he hated the feeling of it, the total lack of control he had over his body. But everyday that Seifer had been back, a little of that control was chipped away, leaving raw emotion behind.

Glancing up at unlocked door of his office, he briefly considered leaving early, but no. He had a meeting in an hour and Quistis was due by soon with the new applicants for SeeD. As his eyes flickered over to the clock, he estimated he still had about fifteen minutes before her arrival. With another sigh and a quick jerk of his hand, he had his belt undone as well as the top button of his pants. Bringing down the zipper, he allowed his finger tips to ghost over the throbbing bulge in his boxers, inhaling sharply at the sensation. Lifting his hips, he pushed them down only enough to grant him the freedom he needed. Casting one last glance at the door, he grasped his erection and gave himself a hard stroke, barely managing to keep down a moan as pleasure ran up his spine, quickly losing himself in the sensation.

Closing his eyes, he allowed his mind to wander to the dream he had last night.

Pressed deeply into the mattress, Seifer pressing him down, his cock pounding into him.

Squall bit back another moan as he stroked himself long and hard, pre-come leaking down, lubricating his hand and allowing him to move faster.

A spark of pain igniting from his shoulder as Seifer bit down hard.

Sweat beading across his brow, his hips began thrusting up into his hand, his left hand coming up to stifle the moans that had begun to build.

Seifer reaching beneath him to grasp at his manhood, stroking it in time with his thrusts

Squall bit down on his hand as he came hard, hot come spurting across his chest and trickling down fingers.

Collapsing against his chair, he allowed the ecstasy of orgasm to wash over him, ignoring the mess on his shirt or the semen that dripped from his hand and onto the floor. It had been a while since he'd felt that good, even if it was just temporary; he always wondered if it'd feel that good with Seifer. No, it would be better, he was sure of it. The man just screamed sex, he probably had more then enough experience to make it good.

Coming down from his pleasure induced high, he sighed reaching into his coat pocket and grabbing the white handkerchief that he knew Rinoa had slipped in. Wiping his hands clean, he despondently noted the blood that beaded up from the torn skin where his teeth had punctured. He'd have to cover that up before the meeting. Reaching down, he pulled his pants back up and slipped his coat on, effectively hiding the stain left on his shirt. Hyne, he couldn't believe how much Seifer was getting to him.

A light knock on the door shook him from his musings and he hastily stuffed the handkerchief back into his pocket. With a rough "come in" he sat back and began sifting through his desk from something to wrap his hand in. Smiling, Quistis walked over to his desk and handed him the applications, her smile faltering at the tired expression on the brunets face. Squall knew what he must have looked like, pale face, dark circles under his eyes (he hadn't had a good sleep in weeks) and now, covered in a fine sheen of sweat. She probably thinks I'm sick or something.

"Squall, you know...maybe you should take a few days off." When he stopped suddenly, she rushed to explain. "You know, you just look tired and you haven't taken anytime off in months, not since... Squall, what happened to your hand?"

Stuffing his hand into his coat, he winced as it met with the wet handkerchief. "Nothing. Look, I don't need time off, I just need-"


"- Hyne. I mean..." Sighing heavily, he dropped his head down onto the desk. It was rare for him to show any kind of weakness in front of anyone, even his closest friends, but he was just so tired. Despite traditional implications of a sick day, a day off would just give him time to think and probably make things worse.

"Squall, just...take tomorrow off. Don't give me that look it's only one day and you don't have anything scheduled right? Just take it off, relax and...I don't know take Rinoa out to lunch or something ju-"

Erg, Rinoa. Please don't remind me.

"Fine." Picking up the files he started to sift through them, effectively ending the conversation and indicating Quistis' dismissal. Sighing she stalked out of the office. Squall almost wanted to feel bad for her until he reminded himself he no longer needed a mother. He was glad she had taken the position of Headmistress, she seemed much better at dealing with the students then him. He just wished she'd stay out of his business.

Groaning in defeat, Squall figured that spending the day in the training center would if anything, keep him mind off annoying blonds of all sorts.
Tags: ffviii, seifer/squall, smut, yaoi

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